The following is a question we received from a potential customer:


Mrs. Smith: “Thanks for all your help. I I just wanted to confirm everything as I’m not the most technology advanced but my husband is. He is worried that since the Kibosh uses a DNS type filtering system it will be easy to bypass.  We’ve tried open other DNS solutions before, but they were easily bypassed by changing local settings, or using a VPN which allowed you to view whatever you wanted. He is the one I need this filter for, but he says there is no point wasting money if a simple DNS filtering system is so easily bypassed and he can view what he wants.”


Hi Mrs.Smith, your husband is correct, however Kibosh is not a simple DNS filtering solution:

  1. The Kibosh router cannot be bypassed using DNS work-around techniques (like changing local settings).
  2. SafeSearch in enforced, so searching for objectionable content is blocked.
  3. You can block VPNs and illegal proxies using the firewall rule. The rule is easily enabled and can be:
    1. Scheduled to apply after hours for example.
    2. Be applied to specific devices, i.e. devices you are concerned about.
  4. Kibosh routers have an admin lockout feature so that each night the router cannot be accessed and settings overridden by let’s say the administrator. This gives you the ability to configure a very strict Internet experience each night.
  5. You can easily schedule internet access times using the net scheduler.
  6. You can easily manage the WiFi signal using the WiFi Scheduler.
  7. Using our unique DNS blacklist schedule feature (coming in Sep) you can take control over what sites can be accessed by what device. A few examples of what you could do:
    1. Lock any device into a single search engine and apply search term filtering to it..
    2. Schedule access to FB for device xyz.

So yes we use DNS, but it’s only 1/3 of our overall solution.