With a Kibosh router you can manage YouTube SafeMode by:

  • Enabling SafeMode for all devices.
  • Disabling SafeMode for all devices.
  • Excluding devices from SafeMode enforcement.

How to manage YouTube SafeMode:

  1. Log into your Kibosh at
  2. Go to Connection > Web Filter Settings
  3. Towards the bottom you’ll see the YouTube SafeMode section
    • Enabled: YouTube SafeMode will be ON for all devices
    • Disabled: YouTube SafeMode will be OFF for all devices
    • Enabled for All but the Selected IPs: YouTube SafeMode will be OFF for any device IP listed here

NOTE: When enabling or disabling YouTube SafeMode the change happens immediately on the router, however some devices will cling to the old YouTube settings. On these devices you’ll need to clear the browser cache, and reboot to get it working.