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Kibosh 2.0 

Protect all your devices anywhere in the world, with NO configuration necessary.

Our powerful wireless router protects every device connected to it, while Family Safe Mobile protects them when they leave.

Control Access
Set-Time-Limits Control Your Internet

Control what devices can connect to the Internet and schedule access times, from anywhere .

Family Safe
Block-Pornography Control Your Internet

Our proprietary technology produces a fast and squeaky clean Internet experience unlike anything else - everywhere they go!  

Monitor Activity
View-Reports Control Your Internet

See who's online and what they are doing.

How it Works
STEP-ONE-1 Control Your Internet
Purchase a Kibosh Router
Lifetime replacement warranty
The last wireless router you'll ever buy

Step-2-1 Control Your Internet
Install Kibosh
Follow the included setup guide

Call Kibosh for assistance: 888-727-3018

step3 Control Your Internet
Take Control Over Your Devices
Manage your Internet from the Global Dashboard or do nothing else but enjoy your new Internet, fast and devoid of explicit content


I really like your product, it’s unique among from anything else on the market. Keep up the good work. Let me know when the new router is ready.

Ted in CA

We’ve been with you guys for a long time, and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with Kibosh. My whole family is always on the Internet and we have never had any problems with bad content. I really appreciate that, thank you!

Joanna in NC

Your p​​​​​roduct is amazing, it just goes and goes.I’m amazed at how good your filter is, you guys are the best out there.

Emmanuel in TX
Computer Service Center


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Internet Security and Parental Controls.