Put the Kibosh! on bad Internet content.

We are not accepting new orders at this time while we finish Kibosh 2.0.

Kibosh Router 2.0 Coming MID 2020!

New Gigabit Wireless AC Router

New interface with mobile management and location tracking.

Rebuilt rules engine for 100% accuracy. 

Upgraded cloud framework for blazing fast Internet speeds.

And more...

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A raw, unfiltered Internet is no place to raise a family because pornography is so rampant that it’s nearly impossible to avoid. With Kibosh  you don't have to worry about your Internet at home, or away.

Kibosh is a unique and comprehensive Internet Security and Parental Control solution that thoroughly removes all forms of nudity (web, image, video), blocks bad search terms and provides antivirus for a very clean, and safe Internet experience.

Internet filtering is powered by cloud-based servers for blazing fast browsing, and instant security updates.

Additionally you can easily see what devices are connected, what they are doing, where they are, and take action if needed.

Kibosh will easily work on any Internet capable device (phones, laptops, routers, servers, etc), and in many different scenarios (home, school, business, etc).

Easy setup. Affordable. Effective.

The Internet as it should be.

What are you looking to protect?

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You guys are the best Internet filtering tool out there. Better than those mammoth servers that do nothing, and cost a lot. I recommend you guys to whoever asks me about Internet protection.


Care Security Systems


I love your product — most robust of the consumer/small business content filter products I researched.



It’s been a battle trying to keep SafeSearch enforced, but it’s a battle I think we’ve finally won with Kibosh.



Internet Security and Parental Controls.