Internet Security

The Internet as it should be.


Instantly removes all unwanted content from your internet.


14 day free trial - log in and cancel anytime yourself. 






  • Works immediately
  •  Nothing to configure
  • Same internet speed
  • Enforces SafeSearch
  • SafeSearch Lock-In
  • No more porn images!
  • Blocks Malware infected sites
  • Blocks bad proxies, tor, free vpn's 
  • Proprietary cloud-based filtering
  • Block categories of sites
  • Daily activity logs
  • Private DNS hides your activity
  • Fast and reliable, over 12 years

For iOS / Android.

Provides security and family safe Internet over wi-fi and cellular data.






  • Family safe Internet: carrier & wifi
  • Blocks hacking 
  • Blocks Internet tracking
  • Enterprise Malware blocking
  • SafeSearch always enforced
  • Private servers, private co
  • All your data is private
  • Enforces Kibosh DNS security

Fabulous service. This is the only thing we’ve found to keep our internet browsing safe. Keep up the good work.

Brendan M. in WA, member since 2014

Some Features and Benefits

No more porn on your Internet!

SafeSearch is critical and enforced at all times.

Enterprise Grade Malware blocking on all devices

Proprietary cloud-based filtering infrastructure

Browse Features and Choose which Kibosh product is right for you.

Block Pornographic Websites

  • Kibosh VPN
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh DNS

Millions of websites blocked and more added every day for a very clean internet experience. 

SafeSearch Enforced

SafeSearch is critical to a family safe internet.

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

Globally enforced: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex.

See also SafeSearch Lock-in.

Enterprise Grade Malware

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

Kibosh subscribes to multiple enterprise malware blocking lists - the same ones the commercial ($$) versions use. So, no need to pay for them anymore...


Real-time Device Specific Logging

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

From the Global Dashboard you can easily see what someone else is browsing on the internet, as they are doing it (a.k.a., in real-time). 


Exclude Devices from Filtering

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

From the Global Dashboard you can exclude specific devices(s) from any internet content filtering. 


YouTube Safe Mode

Globally enforce YouTube in Moderate, or Strict mode. 

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

Parental Controls

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

In addition to the core family safe internet, Kibosh Router offers these additional features:

  • Control Internet Access
    • Per device
    • Schedule or immediate
  • Internet Activity Logging
    • Real-time (see it live)
    • Archived / historical
    • Device Specific

These are accessible from any browser, anywhere in the world via Global Dashboard. 

Note that Kibosh 2.0 was rebuilt in part to perfect the above which are notoriously difficult to make work reliably. If you've ever used another parental control product you'll know what I'm laying down. 

Kibosh keeps it as simple as possible, and reliable. 


Zero Config Setup

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

The Kibosh Router is plug-n-play setup with no required ongoing effort on your part to maintain. 

Kibosh VPN is also very much hands off - install the VPN and it just works. You can then apply additional parental controls

Kibosh DNS does require some setup, but it's flexible and effective. 


Daily Activity Reports

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

Kibosh DNs - daily activity logs delivered via email. 

Kibosh Router - real-time (i.e., see what's going on while it's going on), and daily historical for up to 2 weeks. 

Kibosh VPN - no logs at this time. 


Block ability to bypass filtering

  • Kibosh DNS*
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN**

There are a few methods your user(s) might employ to bypass Kibosh filtering. Only a properly configured router can block these methods. 

  • Example: users changes DNS servers on their device in attempt to bypass Kibosh filtering. If you have a Kibosh Router this will not work. 
This is an important feature if you have clever users.

There are browsers, search engines, Tor plugins (ala Brave), DNS over HTTPS, VPNs - technologies that prevent our parental control. Kibosh Router automagically blocks them all at the gateway.

Kibosh DNS: you can block DNS Bypass if you have a enterprise grade router.

Kibosh VPN: you lock the VPN in using mobile AppLocks / Parental Controls. 

SafeSearch Lock-in

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

SafeSearch Lock-In is a setting that when enabled blocks all non-SafeSearch enforced search engines.

For example, Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/Yandex will always be in SafeSearch ON mode. This means that they will work and look exactly the same as always, only pornographic images will not exist, and search terms that would return pornographic websites will not work. 

SafeSearch enforcement is a key ingredient to a complete family safe internet. 

But not all search engines offer a SafeSearch mode thus allowing the user to search for anything (usually porn images). 

SafeSearch Lock-In ensures only Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex or Swisscow can be used.


Incognito Mode

  • Kibosh DNS
  • Kibosh Router
  • Kibosh VPN

Many popular browsers (Chrome, Brave, FireFox, etc) offer the user an Incognito Mode browsing experience. 

Incognito mode does not record the users activity and provides a way to access porn without leaving any trace on the PC i.e., activity is not tracked. 

Most filters will not work in Incognito Mode.

Kibosh does. 


Why Kibosh Is Important

Because a raw internet is no place to raise a family.  

Because the home is no place for unfettered access to porn.

Because doing nothing is in fact a decision.

Because before Kibosh we didn't really have a legitimate solution.

Kibosh requires ZERO effort to maintain, forever.

Kibosh cannot be misconfigured.

On a raw Internet porn, malware & graphic image results are impossible to avoid.

Unless you have Kibosh...

Common Questions

Over 12 years of sales and ongoing development

Kibosh 2.0

We took everything we learned from Kibosh 1.0 and poured it into 2.0. Stop messing around with pseudo parental control solutions and get the real thing.

Kibosh is an enterprise grade cloud-based internet content filter & security solution - for the home. Reliable, powerful, simple and sustainable.

With Kibosh we have no excuses anymore. Simply plug it in, and the bad stuff is gone. There is nothing else you need to do, but the parental controls are there if you want / need them.  

  1. 1
    Instantly removes all forms of internet porn and malware - on every device. No software to install.
  2. 2
    Easily manage (i.e., see what's going on) from any web browser from anywhere in the world. 
  3. 3
    No more worries! A Kibosh cannot be misconfigured or turned off (although you can exclude). 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

What People Are Saying About Kibosh

"Works like a charm"

"thank you! Works like a charm so far. Wish I had this growing up. Would have curbed my addiction. But at least I’ll have it when I have kids some day."

Alex in OH
FEB 2022

"...never had any problems with bad content."

We’ve been with you guys for a long time, and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with Kibosh. My whole family is always on the Internet and we have never had any problems with bad content. I really appreciate that, thank you!"

Joanna in NC
FEB 2019

" guys are the best out there."

Your product is amazing, it just goes and goes.I’m amazed at how good your filter is, you guys are the best out there."

Emmanuel in TX
Computer Services Center

Ok, well I've heard all this before, and I've been burnt a few times....

I know, I've used  every internet security / parental control product ever created, software and hardware based, and they are all bunk in some way. This is why Kibosh exists, to solve a problem no one else seems to want to solve. And by 'solve' I mean solve!  Not the half-assed solutions being pushed on parents like Disney Circle. 

In regards to solutions other than Kibosh, either they are bloated with useless features and /or don't filter enough. It's usually both. For example, if a solution blocks porn websites but does not enforce SafeSearch - how can you possibly have a family safe internet (ala OpenDNS)? Answer: you don't and you're wasting your time and $.

Software based internet filters are irrelevant, they don't work and they are unsustainable.

Internet content filtering must be done at the router aka the gateway to the internet. It's more difficult to get right, but the end results are far superior to anything else. This is what the Kibosh Router does.

We've spent over twelve years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and man hours do do this one thing.


There is nothing technically better and we're very proud of it. 

Can you trust Kibosh?

I think so. I know that money is not what motivates us. 
We have customers with us over 10 years!

Kibosh collects and sells nothing - we stay in business off our $29.99 per year subscriptions. 

We host our own private cloud servers in our own data centers.

Your Internet activity is truly PRIVATE. 

In regards to the product in question - a big part of what makes Kibosh great is under the hood and is appreciated over time. As a Kibosh owner you will look back after a few years and appreciate the usefulness, accuracy and simplicity of this tool.

Some Pros and Cons

The Pros List

  • Dynamically blocks millions of porn sites (any site with porn blocked)
  • Imagine the internet you have now only there is no bad content. 
  • SafeSearch enforced at all times - even in incognito mode. You can test it out  turning on SafeSearch in your browser. Try to find bad content - you can't. This is how the Internet will be on every device.
  • Malware blocked - on all devices no software needed (stop paying $ for software). Malware today is downloaded from infected websites so web filters are best. Kibosh uses multiple enterprise lists. 
  • MAC based parental controls for accurate rules. This is a v2.0 feature.
  • Sustainable - Kibosh Router requires NO ongoing effort post setup to maintain. This means it works at all times and you don't need to do anything. If you want the parental controls they are there.
  • Completely hides you from ISP/Gov tracking - your only activity is PRIVATE.
  • Blocks known back doors (proxies, DNS over HTTS, Tor, free VPNS) and tricks ISP/Gov uses to track / monitor you (us)

The Cons List

  • It costs $ - sorry but we do not sell any of your data so we must charge something (nothing is free on the web - if you're not paying $ for a service then YOU are the product)
  • The Kibosh router will fail at some point, usually around year 5. We'll replace at our cost (not retail). 
  • It will add another device you'll need to log in to, although you don't have to with a Kibosh (cus it just works)
  • Websites can be blocked by accident, but easily resolved
  • Parental Controls can be set and forgotten thus causing issues down the road (we're working on reminders)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Kibosh works as advertised. If you're not happy we'll take it back. And / or you can cancel anytime you want - yourself.